The MINI of Charleston Racing Team traveled to the home track of Roebling Road

Pooler, Ga. – The MINI of Charleston Racing Team traveled to the home track of Roebling Road this weekend to compete on the 9 turn 2.0 mile road course, hosting the SCCA Southeast Division National Championship racing series event. With B Spec MINI Cooper driver Rob Davis tied up with business obligations in Dallas, only Brad Davis, competed in his 2002 MINI Cooper in the modified H Production class. Saturday started with torrential downpours making the morning session seem more like a boat race then a road race. When the afternoon qualifying session began the downpour had changed into a steady light rain, causing a track that would change from minute to minute. Brad hit the track and proceeded to record the fastest lap time in H Prod, but decided to save the rain tires and sit out the last of the session sitting in his race car on the pit road as the crew watched the live timing reports. As feared, the track conditions improved and Andrew Wright in his Triumph Spitfire ran a lap one second quicker than Davis and thought he had secured the pole position for H Prod. But when MINI of Charleston crew Chief Stuart Kestenbaum relayed the information to Davis, still in his race car on pit road, Davis used the remaining minutes to lay down a quicker lap, improving his previous time by 4 seconds and besting Wright for the number 1 qualifying position by 3 seconds.

Sunday saw a complete change in weather and the track dried completely for the afternoon EP, FP, HP and STU race, with 24 cars starting including the 6 H Prod cars. From his HP pole position, Davis grabbed the class lead on the start, but faster class cars that started in the back due to not qualifying or qualifying poorly in the rain, jumbled the field for the first couple of laps. Wright gained on Davis on lap three and came inside the MINI on the end of the front straight attempting to pass Davis into turn one. However the great Carbotech brakes on the MINI allowed Davis to out-brake Wright and maintain the lead. Even thought Brad has many laps on this track, he has only been to this track once before in this car and it too was a rainy weekend. Wright turned his fastest lap on lap 3 and faded, as Davis got faster, finally setting his fastest lap on lap 18. In the process, Davis lapped the entire HP field, except for Wright, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., who was only seconds from getting lapped on the final lap.

With Davis’ flag to flag victory, he takes the Divisional points lead in HP going into the SCCA Majors event in March at Road Atlanta.  

For additional information contact Brad Davis 843 402-6551 or

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