Heavy Rain

The morning dawned with heavy rain in places and a threatening sky everywhere else around north eastern Georgia and many felt the rain was inevitable at the Hutchinson Island Road Course. As it turned out Hutchinson Island , just across the river from Savannah , did not see a drop of rain and the sun came out brightly at about 8:00 am. Over fifty autocrossers showed up ready to challenge a very nice quick course put on by Coastal Empire group of the Sports Car Club of America. For the second time in a row the MINI of Charleston 2007 Cooper S was on top of the indexed results, besting all other cars by over a half second. In the raw times the car was beaten only by three trailered in race cars, a Subaru Turbo, a Porsche 996 and a Nissan 300ZX Turbo. The Cooper driven by Stuart Kestenbaum, a Service Advisor for MINI of Charleston is driving his wife’s bone stock MINI Cooper S and changes tires so he doesn’t wear out their street tires. The results are following last year’s Championship where the car won the overall SOLO II series with no one even being close. The car will run again in either April or May, look for updates as they become available. At the awards ceremony the comment was made that there now is a target painted on Stuart’s back and everyone will be gunning for him.

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