Resident Earnest Trent is taking delivery of a new 2006 MINI Cooper

Charleston , SC : Somerset , Pa. resident Earnest Trent is taking delivery of a new 2006 MINI Cooper. So what is the news story? Mr. Trent will be 101 years old this August. This is the 2nd MINI Mr. Trent has owned since they went of sale in the USA in 2002. To the best of our records and those of MINI International, Mr. Trent breaks his own record for being the oldest MINI Cooper purchaser at 100 years old, breaking the record he set when he purchased his first MINI the day before his 96th birthday.

 Mr. Trent has gotten his medical and driver’s test clearance to keep his Pennsylvania Driver’s license at least up to his next required application when he is 102 years old.

“He is an absolute inspiration to all of us, but especially the Motoring Community. MINI owners pride themselves as being part of a group that thinks driving is more than just going from point A to Point B,” said MINI of Charleston Executive General Manager Brad Davis. “When Mr. Trent took delivery of his first MINI I rode with showed him the features of the car and rode with him to make sure he was OK with the operation of the standard transmission. His driving skills are still sharp and his appreciation for the fun driving experience of the MINI is remarkable.”

Mr. Trent said he had seen MINI s all over the world when he was a pilot and thought, “One day I want to own one of them. Then I thought I didn’t know how many ‘one days’ I had left, so I contacted MINI of Charleston , part of the Hendrick Automotive Group that my son deals with, and ordered one.” The day after delivery on his 96th birthday Mr. Trent made the solo drive from Hickory , North Carolina back to Somerset . Now 4 years and more than 1500 ‘one days’ later, he still drives regularly and wants to do it in style.

  MINI of Charleston has maintained a relationship with Mr. Trent that includes birthday wishes every August, along with his favorite birthday present, a couple of oil filters, since Mr. Trent still changes his own oil, even with MINI ’s free scheduled maintenance.

A delivery key presentation and some special gifts from MINI USA and MINI of Charleston is set for this Friday (2/23/07) at 1:00 at Mr. Trent’s home in Somerset.

For more information and directions to the delivery event contact Brad Davis or Marcus DeBiasi at 843 402-6300

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