Wrapping up a Busy Season

Charleston , SC : The MINI of Charleston racing teams are wrapping up a busy season with all but one of the Championship events occurring in September. In the road racing arena, Robbie Davis was at Roebling Road Raceway this weekend in defense of his 2005 SSC Class South Atlantic Road Racing Championship title. The series allows drivers the accumulate points from their best 6 races (out of 16 events) and add to their totals in the final Invitational race, which counts as double points. Going into the race Robbie was 4 points ahead of Mark McCaughey of Sarasota , Florida . (Robbie 6 wins- Mark 5 wins and a second). Rob qualified on the class pole with Mark starting right next to him. In the combined class race, as luck would have it Rob’s starting position put him in the undesired outside position. When cars from the ITB class in front of him collided on the first lap in the first turn, Rob was forced off the track and fell several seconds behind Mark. Just past the midway point of the 15 lap race, Rob caught Mark in turn one and attempted a pass. The just repaved track was very fast “on the racing line” but as Rob found out, very slippery off line. The car spun in the sand trap and dug in heavy on the driver’s side. However, Rob was able to keep the car moving and re-entered the race 17.5 seconds behind Mark, with the laps dwindling. With damage to the front and rear suspension of Rob’s Counterfeit MINI, he pressured McCaughey who was now nursing a blistered left front tire. At the finish Rob had cut Mark’s lead from 17.5 seconds to 3 seconds, but the battle of the running wounded saw Mark take the victory and win the championship by 4 points. The pair still had a 15 second lead over third place finisher Paul Gauzens of Lawrenceville , Georgia , who clinched the third place in the Championship behind Rob’s second.    

September is also the conclusion of the SCCA Pro Solo competition series. This weekend in Topeka , Kansas , GH Sharp drove Jeff Jacob’s MINI of Charleston MINI Cooper S to the 2006 Pro-Solo G-Stock National Championship. GH was in third after his Saturday runs, but came back strong on his Sunday runs to win the championship by a mere 0.060 seconds. In the indexed Marque Class, Rob Foley won that class in the same MCS. 2005 H-Stock Solo National Champion Mark Chiles changed jobs and addresses this year and took the year off, but loaned his car to teammate Jeff Jacobs to compete in the Pro-Solo. After a 6th place position on Saturday, Jeff burned up the course with some terrific runs on Sunday to finish 2nd.  This same group of MINIs and drivers, including 2005 G-Stock Ladies National Champion Wendi Allen, will compete this week for the SCCA Solo National Championships.

The final 2006 season event will be Brad Davis’ chase for the SCCA SSC National Championship October 13th at Heartland Park Raceway in Topeka , Kansas . Although not picked as one of the top three, Sports Car Magazine (SCCA National Publication) has named Brad as a possible “spoiler” and one to watch in the championship race. Brad is representing the South East Division as the SEDiv SSC Champion.


For additional information and photos, contact Brad Davis at brad.davis@hendrickauto.com or call 843 402-6551

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