SCCA South East Division Double Natioinal Race

MINI of Charleston Racing Team Ignites July 4th Fireworks on Track

The MINI of Charleston Racing Team spent a warm weekend in the Georgia swamp outside Savannah , in Pooler, Georgia. The annual SCCA South East Division Double National Race was held at the 2.0 mile Roebling Road Race Course. Just two weeks before the track gets a complete repave, the rough track and hot weather is always concern for tire engineers. In the spring race, MINI Cooper S driver Brad Davis raced nose to tail with the two-time National Champion, Joel Lipperini of Pittston, Pa., until overheating and blistering the left front tire. Roebling’s 2 miles has only one straightaway and it’s six right hand turns are tough on a high-powered front wheel drive car like the MINI Cooper S. After winning several early season races, the SCCA added 175 pounds of penalty weight to further add to the tire wear problem. Brad’s 2005 MINI set the pace and had the fastest qualifying time in the class for both days’ races. “I knew our qualifying time (1:28.165 – 82.482 mph) was too fast to run during the race and still have a left front tire on the last lap. I figured a 1:30 lap could save the tire and still lead the race.” said Brad. “We needed a finish of third or better in one of the races to clinch the SEDiv Championship, so finishing was more important than winning.” At the drop of the green flag, the MINI led the class for the first 4 laps before son Robbie Davis moved into the lead. “It was obvious at my chosen pace, I was holding Robbie up.” In his lighter Counterfeit MINI (Civic SI), Rob was able to consistently put down 1:29 laps and cruised to his first ever SCCA National Series victory. “It was a great feeling at the finish to know I grabbed the SEDiv Championship while Rob won his first National.”

Monday brought even hotter weather and track conditions, but the supercharged MINI Cooper S still managed to set the fastest lap in Qualifying. With the Championship already locked, the older Davis pushed a little harder in the Monday race, but the smooth consistent driving style of Robbie Davis soon moved him into striking range of his father. On lap 10 of the 23 lap race, Robbie moved past his Dad into first, never looking back and winning National # 2. Colin Aspegren of Alpharetta , Ga. drove into 2nd and the MINI of Charleston team finished 1-3 for Monday’s race. Driver Rob Davis commented after the race “It was great to win a race where the competition was tight. For a while I was sandwiched between Dad and Colin, knowing that the slightest mistake from any of us could cost that person the race. It’s a fantastic feeling seeing the checkered flag and knowing you won a National, and beat your Dad!” Debbie Davis, wife and mother of the father son team said, “I feel much better about letting Rob spend time and money on all those racing video games when he was growing up, it feels like some strange type of redemption.”  

The team takes several weeks off now to prepare for the final National Race, August 12-13 at Virginia International Raceway in Danville , Va. After that Robbie will defend his South Atlantic Road Racing Series Championship (he currently leads the points in that series) at the SARRC Invitational at Roebling Road in September. Brad Davis will try to improve on his 6th place finish last year, in the SCCA’s National Championship Runoffs in Topeka , Kansas in October.     

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